Risk management software is built with some of the world's fastest and most secure technology.


At Molecule, your data's security is a matter of life or death.

The Molecule application itself is designed with security as its primary concern. Data is segregated by default, and the entire application is tested dozens of times a week, using our automated test suite. Prior to each release, automated testing is supplemented by multiple rounds of human testing, to ensure security, quality, and correctness. Authentication to Molecule is handled using tried-and-true libraries that are open-source, so that we can instantly patch zero-day vulnerabilities.

Molecule lives entirely within our Virtual Private Cloud in Amazon's datacenter. This is a SOC-1, SOC-2 (SAS70), and SOC-3 certified facility with world-class access controls. Data is encrypted in transit from your browser to our datacenter, using 128-bit SSL/TLS technology. It is also encypted at rest in our databases, and our infrastructure is monitored by the Molecule technical team.


Molecule's infrastructure enables it to scale quickly, whether you make 10 or 10,000 trades per day—across a handful or a truckload of products.

Using Kubernetes, Docker and AWS, Molecule utilizes enormous amounts of compute power to compute valuations and estimate risk in near-real time. When loads are high, Molecule's computing cluster automatically scales up servers to ensure fast response times. When loads drop, the cluster scales down to economize on cost.

Build that in house.

Open Source

Molecule is built on open-source technology, because we believe the best software in the world is. We also believe we have to contribute to the community. Here is some of what we do:

We also contribute to Kubernetes, Ember, and Re:dash, among other open source projects.