Molecule calculates P&L, position, and risk for commodity portfolios.

It is designed for people who trade energy and commodities on exchanges. It also comes with support for OTC and physical portfolios: fixed-price and formula-priced swaps, forwards, options, assets, bitcoin futures, and more.

Automatic Deal Capture

Molecule has the industry's easiest deal capture. Trades from the CME and ICE flow automatically into Molecule, seconds after they clear. Bilateral (financial or physical) deals get entered using our natural-language processing. Just type them in, the way you think about them. Options, swaps, forwards, futures - including bitcoin - all of them work the same way.

Once captured, deals live out their full lifecycle, marking every day and expiring or exercising on their settlement date. There's nothing else you have to do.

Automatic Market Data

Most ETRM systems ask you to supply your own market data. Not Molecule. It comes out of the box with end-of-day exchange marks, with additional data sources being added all the time. Got additional data you want to pump in? Our team can help you do so using our API, at no extra cost. Want to upload data via a spreadsheet? We've got you covered there too - with our easy template.

Automatic Position, P&L, Risk

Everything in Molecule calculates as soon as it has sufficient data. Positions are calculated instantly. Trades are marked, and option greeks calculated, when market data comes in. Even VaR recalculates with every new trade.

Molecule uses industry-standard Black-76 and mark-to-market calculations, as well as QuantLib. We also open-source key components of our software, so you can inspect them yourself - and be sure your reports are right.

Reports the Way You Want Them

Molecule comes out-of-the-box with a user-customizable Positions screen that shows, in tabular form, just about everything it calculates. Want a report that meets your exact specifications? With Mode, our embedded business intelligence tool, custom dashboards can be e-mailed to your inbox every morning.

Want even more flexibility? Our API connects directly to Excel (and your downstream systems), so you can pivot to your heart's content.

Bank Reconciliation


A VaR that just works.

You can get a VaR from many places. But what about one that is right, without you having to twiddle it? Molecule provides that, and more, out-of-the-box.

Embedded in Molecule is a blistering-fast Monte Carlo simulation engine, that re-calculates your VaR (portfolio and component) in no time, every time your position changes. We set it up once, and it just works. Molecule also provides an independently-calculated delta-gamma VaR, as well as diagnostic information, so you can be sure the numbers make sense.

Industry-Specific Features

Fund Allocations

Molecule can help you automate allocations to funds you manage, by volume - then give you a report to share with your FCM.

Spread Option Modeling

Want to model something more complex than a derivatives portfolio? Molecule supports complex modeling via our API. In addition, Molecule can support any model available in QuantLib. Then give you custom reports based on the output.

A Real Cloud Solution

Molecule works like every other modern piece of software you use already. On the cloud. Scalable. Available from anywhere, on any modern browser. Free new features and bug fixes, regularly.

And all the security of Amazon Web Services, the industry's hosting leader. Molecule's primary concern is your data's security, and we test our software rigorously to ensure your privacy. See more about our security measures here.

No Implementation Fees

Molecule is priced on a package basis. You pay a flat fee per month for all features, all the market data we have available, and customer service. Nothing else.

Implementation is included with all of our packages, at no additional charge. Our in-house, Houston-based team aims to complete successful implementations — getting you all the way from automatic deal capture to your working P&L and reports — in 90 days or less.

Feature Matrix

Electricity Crude & Liquids Gas & LNG NGLs Ags Other Commodities FX, Equity,
& Crypto Futures
Deal Capture              
Forwards (Physical) N/A
Swaps N/A
Assets, Exotics, Complex Agreements N/A
CME/NYMEX Integration
WEBICE Integration
TT X_TRADER Integration
Market Data              
End-of-Day Public CME, ICE Data
Morningstar Data Available via included Connector  
GlobalView/MarketView Data Available via included Connector  
Upload via Spreadsheet
Upload via API
Position Reporting              
Unit-of-Measure Level
Custom Lot Sizes
MW-MWh Conversions N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Metric Ton Conversions N/A N/A
Assets, Exotics, Complex Models
FX Conversions
Monte Carlo (simulation-based)
Historical (simulation-based) Coming Soon  
FCM Reconciliation              
Fund Allocations              
Like-Contract Aggregation
Automatic Allocations by Ratio
User-Customizable Positions Screen
Custom BI Reports
On-Screen, Emailable
API (Excel, CSV, JSON)
Scheduling Coming Soon
Invoicing Coming Soon
Confirmations Coming Soon
Accounting/GL Integration Coming Soon  
Audit & Security              
Taggable Book Structure
Fine-Grained Permissions
Audit Trail
Hourly Backups
Regular Security &
Feature Releases

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