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Red Labs - Color Me Impressed

Last night, I went to Hesam Panahi's joint, RED Labs, at the University of Houston. Basically, it's this:

  • Teams of BBA students take startup ideas to reality, over the course of a semester.
  • They get class credit, and a lab to work in.
  • They get feedback from some of the best startup advisors in the community, and
  • If they do well, they can continue charging down the startup path.

When Hesam told me about this deal, I was excited. Then I met the students, and I was floored.

  • A team making a very cool CRM.
  • Another one making skateboards.
  • Another one with a product so polished (yet simple) and such an obvious strategy that will take no time to work, that he totally deserves a chance to show off at YCombinator or TechStars.

I'm so glad this is happening in Houston, and I'm happy Molecule is a part of something great that's growing here in town.