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Process Standardization + ETRM = Pain

Arun Karur's recent blog post in Sapient's Global Markets blog makes a lot of good points regarding making ETRM system implementations easier. However, he's dead wrong when he says "Standardization, in turn, enables firms to more quickly adapt new approaches or solutions to their business..."

This is exactly what standardization doesn't do, and why ETRM (and enterprise software) implementations so frequently fail. Humans at companies in 2013 do not work in standardized ways. Many tears have been shed (and much money spent) trying to force large energy companies into predefined workflows as part of a software implementation.

Modern software is at its best when it allows you to do what you need, the way you do it best. Think of Google. Does it demand that you search for the answers you want in a certain way? Never. Google adapts to you -- and so should your multi-million-dollar enterprise software. ETRM systems should turn on, digest your data, provide you answers, and get out of your way.

Take that, standardization.