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Pizza Delivery by Drone: Am I Dreaming?

I caught wind of this article last week and have been geeking out a bit ever since. You mean, in Russia I can sit on the couch, order a pizza and in 30 minutes a little robotic arm will lower my pizza to my door, as if coming from the heavens? Noooo waaay! First Sputnik, now Pizzabot!!! Good times!

We love drone technology being put to good use - we even built one last year as a side project. One of the best energy use cases has been at BP - to use drones to survey pipelines. And it is legal - they received the first FAA permit for commercial drone flight over land in the US.

However, I am really excited about things coming to my door in 30 minutes or less, like diapers... or drinks! Now this is technology at its finest and I am hoping that Amazon gets their drone approved and up and going in no time. While the FAA isn't saying when, PrimeAir is hoping for approval sometime in 2015.