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Molecule, the Product: Looking Back on 2021

At Molecule, we're incredibly proud of our team and what they do – and super proud of our product. To celebrate, we decided to look back at the damage we did in 2021.

Last year, we shipped 22 releases, containing 237 new features and 75 bug fixes. Among the major new features we shipped:

  1. Our new, lightweight Inventory feature
  2. Djinn, our crypto package–including integration with Gemini and CME for crypto.
  3. Elektra, including arbitrary block conversions, ISO connectivity powered by PowerOptix, and our partnership with NRGStream (to automatically provide LMPs and block prices for North American power)
  4. Our new, lightweight Contract Management feature (Agreements)
  5. Integrations with Nodal Exchange (for power and gas) and APX (for renewable credits)
  6. Magic Link Login Fallback (for when Auth0 takes down half the Internet)
  7. New support for spot trades (for physical traders) and as-generated trades (for PPAs)
  8. The first version of our new Position/P&L Limits feature
  9. New user-facing admin screens (including Books & Products) – as part of our commitment to make Molecule even easier to administer
  10. New ability to add custom fields to pretty much any major object in Molecule (Trades, Books, Products, and Counterparties)
  11. Many new upgrades to FCM reconciliation (including fees reconciliation and support for 3 new FCMs–for a total of 15)

We're super excited about these, and the many new features on our roadmap this year. It's our 10th anniversary, and we've got all sorts of great things cooking to celebrate–more crypto features, more analytics features, lots of integrations, and some long-overdue screen refreshes, among them.

This was a huge amount of work, and I'm proud of our team for all we've shipped. We're hiring as well! So, if what we're doing sounds interesting to you, check out our careers page.

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