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GameDay WiFi Reaches New Heights

Going to football games is one of my favorite things to do...period. Getting all suited up in your team gear, tailgating with your best buds, feeling the team spirit and energy surrounding you, and of course the CRAPPY cell phone coverage! (sigh)

But it looks like those days are in the past...well at least they are in San Francisco. The 49ers' at their all new Levi's® Stadium proudly served up more than 2.1 terabytes of data to nearly 25,000 fans this past weekend at their preseason game vs the Denver Broncos. The $1.2 billion gridiron has done its part to keep up with the tech-loving Silicon Valley crowd including an in-stadium network that can host up to 68k fans. With nearly 700 hot spots, the experts in charge of tech-equipping this stadium knew what they were doing.

Wait - there's more! Using the reliable network, you can also order food from the team's mobile app and starting on their first game, instant replay will be available. That's what I call a point for the home team! Well done, Levi's® Stadium! Well done.

Ahem, Houston Texans - when exactly will NRG Stadium be hooking up your H-town fanbase with these sweet techie perks?